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List of Grasses

Grasses belong to one of the largest plant families in the world with over 10,000 species world-wide. About 1,000 species have been described in Southern Africa, of which just over 300 are endemic to the region and only about 100 have been introduced.
Pilanesberg's grasslands are typically African Savannah.
Scientific NameCommon Names
Andropogon chinensisHairy Blue Grass
Anthephora pubescensWool Grass
Aristida adscensionisAnnual Three-Awn
Aristida congesta subsp. barbicollisSpreading Three-awn
Aristida congesta subsp. congestaTassel Three-awn
Aristida junciformisGongoni Three-awn
Bewsia bifloraFalse Love Grass
Bothriochloa bladhiiPurple Plume Grass
Bothriochloa insculptaPinhole Grass
Bothriochloa radicansStinking Grass
Brachiaria brizanthaCommon Signal Grass
Brachiaria eruciformisSweet Signal Grass
Brachiaria serrataVelvet Signal Grass
Cenchrus cilliarusFoxtail Buffalo Grass
Chloris pycnothrixSpiderweb Grass
Chloris virgataFeather-top Chloris
Chrysopogon serrulatusGolden Beard Grass
Cymbopogon excavatusBroad-leaved Turpentine Grass
Cymbopogon plurinodisNarrow-leaved Turpentine Grass
Cynodon dactylonCouch Grass
Digitaria argyrograpta  
Digitaria erianthaCommon Finger Grass
Diheteropogon amplectensBroad-leaved Bluestem
Elionurus muticusWire Lemongrass
Enneapogon cenchroidesNine-awned Grass
Enneapogon scopariusBottlebrush Grass
Eragrostis bifloraShade Eragrostis
Eragrostis capensisHeart-seed Love Grass
Eragrostis chloromelas(Narrow) Curly Leaf
Eragrostis gummifluaGum Grass
Eragrostis heteromeraBronze Love Grass
Eragrostis inamoenaTite Grass
Eragrostis lehmannianaLehmann's Love Grass
Eragrostis pseudoscleranthaFootpath Love Grass
Eragrostis racemosaNarrow Heart Love Grass
Eragrostis rigidior(Broad) Curly Leaf
Eragrostis superbaSaw-tooth Love Grass
Eustachys paspaloidesFan Grass/Brown Rhodes Grass
Fingerhuthia africanaThimble Grass
Heteropogon contortusSpear Grass
Hyparrhenia filipendulaFine Thatching Grass
Hyparrhenia hirtaCommon Thatching Grass
Imperata cylindricaCottonwool Grass
Loudetia simplexCommon Russet Grass
Melinis repens subsp. repensNatal Red Top
Panicum coloratumSmall Buffalo Grass
Panicum maximumGuinea Grass
Panicum repensCouch Panicum
Paspalum dilatatumDallis Grass
Paspalum distichumWater Couch
Pennisetum macrourum Riverbed Grass
Pennisetum thunbergiiThunberg's Pennisetum
Perotis patensCat's Tail
Phragmites australisCommon Reed
Pogonarthria squarrosaHerringbone Grass
Setaria lindenbergiana
Setaria megaphyllaBroad-leaved Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. sericeaGolden Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. sphacelataCommon Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. tortaCreeping Bristle Grass
Setaria verticillataBur Bristle Grass
Sporobolus africanusRatstail Dropseed
Sporobolus pyramidalisCatstail Dropseed
Themeda triandraRed Grass
Trachypogon spicatusGiant Spear Grass
Tragus berteronianusCommon Carrot-seed Grass
Tricholaena monachneBlue-seed Grass
Trichoneura grandiglumisSmall Rolling Grass
Urochloa mosambicensisBushveld Signal Grass
Urochloa oligotrichaPerennial Signal Grass